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Woodlands Road Extension 

Kitchen and garage extension

The  project involved the demolition of an existing flat roof extension and garage and the provision of a large kitchen/dining area with access to raised terracing looking onto a large garden.  site levels meant that levels had to be built up to the rear.

Woodlands ribbon extg.jpg

Existing Layout

Woodlands ribbon prop.jpg

Proposed Layout

The completed project, complete with raised decking providing views over the garden to the rear.  the extension was rendered to tie in with the existing finish.  Note the cranked roof over the garage.  this device allowed the rear extension to come out further, given the shallower roof pitch.

PLAN Woodlands Iand and jill.jpg

Detailed Building Regulations drawing


Ground works showing the existing drainage.  Care was taken to prevent the excavation flooding.

Insulation below reinforced floor slab.


Temporary structure in place whist steel work is lifted into place.

The external work progressing.  


The kitchen  links with the extension.

High level roof flights provide plenty of natural lighting.

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