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About Carvell Associates

About Carvell Associates

Helping our clients deliver sustainable buildings on budget. 


We believe all building projects should be seen as an investment of time, energy, resource and capital.


Our architectural design expertise draws on over 30 years of experience in the industry, with a focus on cost effective solutions  and bespoke developments.  We resolve to create and deliver designs of value.


This philosophy is consistent with our approach to all projects:  Quality within budget.

We specialise in domestic residential extensions of any size.  As design architects we work with the relevant authorities to seek Planning consent and compliance with the Building Regulations.  We have experience on all types of construction, from building refurbishment, change of use and extensions to complete new-build housing projects.

Saving energy

30% of all carbon emissions in Britain is attributed to buildings.

Reducing this figure is our aim, on every project we undertake.

Renovating and extending our existing housing can help reduce this.  Carvell Associates understand that up to 70% of household energy use goes towards heating our homes. We look to reduce this figure on each and every project, always look to significantly reduce this figure where possible, through basic design and layout. 

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Energy efficient design does not cost the Earth

Implementing energy performance in design from first principles enables us to provide energy efficiency as standard, on all projects. 

Find out how.

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