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Lindisfarne Avenue

Full renovation with insulation retrofit.

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Working with the existing structure.

The refurbishment of this property was a challenge, with the main 2 loadbearing walls needing to remain to support the roof. 

The location of these walls dictated key room sizes, in particular the large entrance hallway.  We proposed a feature full height void in this area, serving as a link between the entrance and the kitchen, with a connection to the First Floor gallery over, leading to the bedrooms. 


The extension  provides a large bedroom and en-suite to the front of the house, replacing the poorly lit bedroom beneath the eaves, whilst allowing for the removal of corridor space at First Floor to provide a well lit, open plan circulation area.

PLAN IMAGE showing demolition.jpg
Build airtight, Ventilate right

With an interest for sustainable design the clients were keen to make the building as energy efficient as possible.  Low profile underfloor heating was incorporated into the design, installed over the existing concrete slab.  Energy efficient windows were installed with with special sealant tape and spray foam insulation treatment to the entire property.  Such treatment insulates and seals a building from draughts.  On this project the application was the key factor in achieving the high levels of airtightness required to future proof the property.  Given the low rates natural ventilation fresh air is circulated through the house continuously.  A Mechanical Ventilation Heat recovery (MVHR) was installed with ductwork installed to provide fresh, filtered air.  The house has been completed for several years and it is proving very energy efficient, with extremely high comfort levels.

Site work showing spay foam insulation2.jpg
Site work showing spay foam insulation.jpg
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The project involved the extensive renovation of a 1960’s Villa.  The existing property is wedge shaped property is divided into 3 separate elements in plan by way of loadbearing masonry walls supporting the roof.


The small First floor bedroom was built partially into the roof space headroom with limited. 


The new 2-storey extension provided a generous master bedroom suite below the new roof. 

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