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Eden View

Property renovation and insulation retrofit

A modest solution to a combination of problems


This unusual remodeling project dealt with key issues relating the house; the property had recently been made larger by combing the existing 2 storey house with the neighbouring end of terrace bungalow.  


The property was cold and draughty and needed updating.  Much of the redevelopment work was carried out to the single storey building (the original bungalow part), consisting of Poorly-lit spaces with no connection between rooms.


A modest approach to problem solving throughout the project provided a dramatic and efficient new layout.

Carvell AssociatesMerge 7.jpg
Carvell AssociatesMerge 10aa.jpg
Identifying the issues: Levels to the rear


The resulting Ground Floor had an entrance at both ends of the property; given site levels (sloping from North to South) with the North elevation being partially below ground.  The work also enabled us to address concerns relating to flood risk; although there was no history of flooding in extreme weather, we worked to provide a route for floodwater around the side of the house.  It was important to excavate along the rear, adjacent to the garage to provide several a steps up into the property.  We were also asked to address parking issues, providing a second parking space within the site curtilage…this proved quite a challenge given the existing levels and topography.


The higher ground levels to the North and the adjacent service road to the rear meant no windows could be located along this rear wall for privacy reasons. The property inside was dark, comprising of rooms poorly interlinked by poorly lit corridors.  The kitchen was poorly lit and the original Living room had a poorly constructed conservatory making it dark and cold (despite its South-facing aspect). 

Eden view.png
Carvell Associates Site 1.JPG
Carvell Associates Site 2.JPG
Carvell Associates Site 3 (2).jpg
Project before, during and on completion
carvell associates Edden view section.jpg
Section drawing showing level changes
carvell associates Edden view extg plan.jpg
Existing layout.

Poorly interconnected rooms,.

carvell associates Edden view prop plan.jpg
Proposed layout.

Creation of open plan areas with views to the South.

Identifying the potential

This project benefited from a well formulated brief and an open-minded approachby clients who were prepared to take advice on key aspects of the designto meet their requirements. 


We worked closely together throughout the duration of the project to modernise the property to the best of its potential, developing a brief to provide a solution meeting all their requirements. 


At times we challenged brief to improve the final outcome, and the process became a process of 2-way communication between architect and clients.

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Carvell AssociatesMerge 10aa.jpg
Carvell AssociatesMerge 5.jpg
Carvell AssociatesMerge 4.jpg
Economical design


Whilst the strip out and refurbishment was extensive, rebuilding work was confined mainly to demolition work internally.  The original garage was partially rebuilt to provide additional workshop space above the car bay.  By raising and remodelling the garage roof we were able to align it with the existing roof profile to omit the awkward abutment detail.  We were also able to create a small external store to replace the old entrance. 


The  conservatory had  become an underused storage area that was seldom used.  This room was converted to a sun room with the addition of a modest extension to the South with doors opening out onto a private terrace.  By opening up into the loft space the entire South facade of the house was opened up to provide a well-lit full height space with feature timber truss roof.  This sun space has extensive views over the valley, the extension replacing the existing conservatory to make a warm garden room that is well connected to the rest of the property.  

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Carvell AssociatesMerge 1.jpg

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