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The Drive

Rear sun room extension and internal remodeling of existing bungalow.

Project completed 2017.

The existing bungalow  was poorly insulated, and had a very narrow kitchen to the rear of the property.  The kitchen windows were small and did not provide adequate views onto the sunny rear garden.  The client provided a sketch plan  which we used as a starting point for the design.  The final design still closely resembles the original concept sketch.  We introduced large South facing windows to provide additional heat from the sun during the heating season, and provide views onto a sunken garden with a paved seating area.  This seating area has proved to be a sun trap and provides a garden area that can still be enjoyed even on cold sunny days.

'James worked with us to provide a really successful solution to our quite complex requirements for the remodelling and extension of our bungalow. This was quite technically challenging, and the imaginative result creates an unusual, light and airy living space. We are really delighted with the outcome.'  

John and Jan Worters.  19 July 2017

Existing property showing original flat-roof garage extension.  This was demolished and a new utility and garage built over the existing footprint.

Photograph showing the completed extension.  Thew entire building was finished in render.

Overlay of CAD model onto existing photograph showing structural solution to extension.   The demolition of the rear wall was extensive and the roof needed to be supported whilst the steel beams were lifted into place.   The sloping roof now extends over the re-built garage to avoid leaks and to provide additional storage.

The orange shading in the above section  indicates the full extent of demolition to the rear wall, which included the flat roofed garage to the side of the property. The supporting steel beams are also indicated.

Detail showing light well at the junction of the kitchen and the extension.  The large steel beams are concealed above the ceiling line to provide clean lines. 

Study detail of steelwork at junction of kitchen/extension.   The largest beam supports the existing roof where the new opening has been made in the rear wall.

Short section through the extension to show the ceiling arrangement.  The ceiling over the kitchen is the original ceiling level as defined by the existing roof structure.  The extension  has a flat ceiling at a higher level than the original.  To provide natural day lighting in the kitchen area a cut out section was detailed at the junction of the 2 ceiling levels with 2 roof lights.  The resulting space work well and is well lit.  This detail can be seen on the section below, 



Structural development model investigating steel detail adjacent to roof void, showing studwork support to roof.

 This is one of several concept models that helped us work with the client to develop the design.  Existing building shown as translucent blue.

The original hallway was poorly lit and relied on borrowed light from the bathroom.  The addition of a sun tunnel provides adequate light, especially on sunny days.  New doors were provided throughout the property.

The original bathroom location remained unchanged, although the window onto the garden was obscured by the new office in the extension.  This provided the opportunity to install a large shower on the end wall.

Early design model showing  the potential to extend the property into the loft, to create a small mezzanine gallery space.

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