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Early planning drawings.  Proposed and existing.

Coronation Terrace

Project completed under permitted development.  (No planning permission required).

Project completed 2017.

The Coronation Terrace project is unusual as it involved the re-modelling of an existing link building  joining the original end-terrace villa with the stables to the rear.  The existing link had been poorly extended by the addition of a modern PVC conservatory, which resulted in the bathroom and kitchen being inner rooms with no windows or natural lighting.  the problems encountered are summarized by the client below.

'We bought a house with the most appalling layout imaginable: the bathroom and toilet were centrally located, the only ventilation into the living room and conservatory. We had no idea how to make this into a family living area. We got in touch with James knocking through a couple of walls and placing some skylights, we now have a home that is spacious, full of light, and perfect for family life. It is important to stress how well James integrated both the practical and aesthetic aspects of the house...In brief, he did everything and more than we could have wished for'.  Henry Sheen.  13th Nov 2017. 

Before:  Image of original hallway and bathroom to show obscured bathroom window looking into the conservatory. 

After:  By relocating the bathroom into the kitchen area and opening through to the new kitchen/dining extension we were able to provide a well lit hall, with potential to provide a future hallway stair to extend into the loft space.

Before:  The 'problem' bathroom window viewed from the original conservatory.  This has originally been a larger external window.  The poorly lit kitchen can also bee seen.

After:  Completed dining area and kitchen showing the new fully glazed double doors leading from the hallway.  Roof lights over provide natural day lighting.

Before:  The  original conservatory was cold and obstructed views onto the garden.  The resulting roof layout was awkward, with a leaking valley detail that was difficult to access to clean.

After:  The addition of the new kitchen/Diner provides open plan living whilst linking the main villa with the converted stables to the rear.  The new valley was considered to allow for easy access for cleaning.

Working drawings and 3D CAD models provided sufficient detail to allow all parties to understand the complexities and potential pitfalls of the project.  The model in particular allowed for detailed discussion with the builder before work started on site to best agree how to construct the complex roof using steel sections, and to avoid problems during construction.

Site photograph showing relationship of steel structure with existing link roof.  Setting out of the steel was particularly important as the existing roof to the rear was retained and the pitch could not be adjusted.

Detail of steel work design on new brickwork pier.  The overhanging box section was later cut on site; it had been intentionally supplied in a longer length to allow for site adjustment. 

the space occupied by the original kitchen was transformed into a large top-lit bathroom as part of the remodeling work.  It was possible to retain some of the existing kitchen fittings (including the original Victorian cistern over the toilet).  The high level void and roof lights make for a dramatic space that is well isolated from the rest of the house, providing an opportunity to relax undisturbed.


Please click on the link below to download project details.  


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